Examples of risky careers

Animal keeper animals, feed, dust
Assistant nursewet work
Baker wet work, flour dust
Building workerfibreglass, wood and cement dust, skin abrasions
Carpenter wood dust, skin abrasions
Chef wet work, food
Cleaner wet work
Cold buffet manager wet work, food
Dental hygienist wet work, allergenic and irritant substances
Dentist wet work, allergenic and irritant substances
Electrician cement dust, skin abrasions
Farmer animals, feed, plants, dust
Firefighter irritant gases
Florist wet work, plants
Hairdresser wet work, hair care products
Machinistoil, solvents, skin abrasions
Metal workeroil, solvents, cutting fluids, dust, skin abrasions
Nursery nurse wet work
Painterwet work, solvents
Paper workerdust
Plastic workerplastic chemicals
Printer ink, solvents, paper dust
Spray painter solvents, pigments
Textiles teacher dust
Waiter/waitress wet work, tobacco smoke
Vehicle mechanic oil, solvents, cutting fluids, skin abrasions
Welder irritant gases, welding smoke, dust


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